Need an SEO Boost? How To Improve SEO Rankings

Google rankings definitely have an effect on the success of your business. The Internet has already become part of our daily lives that you can expect people to use it to promote a business or look for a product or service.

However, there are still a lot of content marketers who are missing out on important tasks which can help boost page rankings. Here are the top 7 ignored content marketing tasks that can give you an SEO boost to improve your rankings and get on the top of Google.

Backlinks are typically created when other websites link your website to their content, either as a source or a shared article. Ideally, this will help increase traffic to your site as the readers of those websites may visit your website. Sounds like a good situation, right?

But, having a lot of backlinks to your site is not necessarily good. Google uses an algorithm to check how credible the backlinks are. Meaning, they try to check if the backlinks are coming from sites with certain authority or only from spamming sites. The latter can definitely hurt your Google ranking.

A website can acquire backlinks from three main situations. Less credible websites may start to source back to your domain as your authority grows. Your competitors may use negative backlinks to sabotage your rankings.

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Actively buying and acquiring backlinks, termed as Blackhat SEO, in the hopes of outsmarting the algorithm used by Google is also one of these situations. Be reminded that Google will ban your website if they find out that you are engaging in Blackhat SEO.

You have to constantly monitor and check the websites that link to your own platform. This will help detect those that are negatively hurting your ranking. Deal with them before it is too late by disavowing them through your Google Search Console.

2. Creating and promoting content using the skyscraper technique

The skyscraper technique was originally coined by Brian Dean. With this technique, you will have to find a content in your niche that is performing outstandingly. Once you find that content, you create a better version of it and promote it blatantly.

Here are the general steps to take with the skyscraper technique:

  • Know your competitors in your niche through searching relevant keywords.
  • Once you know who your competitors are, use Buzzsumo, SEMrush or other applications to find the contents that worked well for them.
  • Create better content through various means, such as performing an experiment or injecting more detail into the article, depending on your subject.
  • Use Buzzsumo, SEMrush or another similar application to know which websites shared the original content.
  • Contact the websites and promote your article.

This technique may take a lot of work and a lot of time but it is definitely worth it.

3. Using infographics


An infographic is a fun, creative, and visual presentation of data. According to Whippio, most people can remember up to 65% of the images they see even after three days have already passed. This speaks volumes when it comes to marketing.

When creating an infographic, you should know its content. Try checking the information you want to share within your niche and provide updated data in your infographics. One of the best infographics will probably be something that teaches a complex subject through easy-to-digest and understandable visual representation.

If you have a knack for designing infographics, creating one should be on your list of priorities. Otherwise, you can also contact design agencies or freelancers to do the job. Do not forget to promote your infographics and share them.

4. Uploading videos

If you checked at Youtube’s Press page, with over one billion users and over one billion hours of videos watched on daily basis, you can surely say that people adore videos. Most people prefer videos over walls of text, especially when it comes to learning more about a product or service.

You have to use this information to your advantage. This means that creating and uploading more videos (and getting paid too) to be used as content for your website can surely help boost your rankings. If you are not currently creating and uploading videos, you are missing out on a big opportunity.

To create videos, try starting from your own content. Find those content that you can turn into an interesting video. You can also use trending topics and create videos about them. Even a simple camera, sound, light, and editing software can help you in creating videos.

5. Optimizing landing pages

Have you ever experienced that time when you clicked on a search result and ended up being on a page irrelevant to your search query? You definitely closed that page out or go back to the search page, right?

If your website has a high bounce rate, meaning visitors quickly go back to the search page after visiting your site, it can affect your Google rankings. This is why it is important that you give the users relevant content based on their search.

The landing page should already provide the information that the users need. Try to understand your users more, know where they are coming from and what they will feel upon reaching your landing page.

6. Optimizing for voice searches

According to Google, 72% of those who own voice-activated speakers use voice search as part of their daily routine. You can just imagine how many searches they can do in one day. Additionally, according to Edison Research and NPR, one in every six Americans owns a voice-activated smartphone or speaker.

With this glaring data, optimizing your website for voice searches will indeed be a wise move. When optimizing, consider how your users will inquire in a conversational tone and how they phrase their inquiry.

7. Using rich cards

Rich cards are information represented in a visual manner. They are easy to understand and are creative, making them appealing to users.

Using rich cards can help boost your rankings since they can visually pique the interest of the users. Think about the content you would want to be featured on the rich cards. Make sure that you understand what the users would want to know.

Your Decision

These tasks can definitely be done to help you get an SEO boost. But, you need to have the will to do them. Will you continue to ignore them or start using them to your advantage? It is your decision.



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Louise Savoie
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