Get Paid to Play Solitaire: Turn Your Card Skills into Cash

Earning a little extra cash while indulging in a game of solitaire isn’t just a dream anymore. Learn how to get paid to play solitaire.

If you’ve got a knack for organizing decks of cards and enjoy the classic game that once was a staple on every desktop computer, there are now ways to turn that pastime into profit.

As playful as it might seem, solitaire has evolved from a simple computer game to a potential source of income, with various solitaire apps and reward apps opening up for enthusiasts to make money while playing solitaire.

The evolution of the gaming world has certainly not left solitaire behind. With the digital age pushing the boundaries of gaming, the once solitary pastime can now connect you to opportunities to earn real money.

Discover how you can elevate your solitaire skills to more than just a game and possibly win a little money.

Ways to Get Paid to Play Solitaire

1. Solitaire Cash – Our Top PICK!

Apple iOS: 4.6 / Galaxy Store: 4.5

Solitaire Cash is exclusive to iOS and Samsung Galaxy Store platforms. Dive into cash competitions and have the chance to win monetary rewards through PayPal or Apple Pay. No initial bonus, but stay engaged with daily offerings and a variety of games at different cost levels to start small and practice before diving into more competitive stakes.

2. Solitaire Smash

Apple iOS: 4.8

Get Solitaire Smash on your mobile and turn your solitaire skills into extra cash. This trusted app rewards frequent players with progressively larger cash prizes. It’s a dual advantage – enjoy the classic game and fill your pockets at the same time. Safe transactions with PayPal or Apple Pay are an additional perk.

3. Solitaire Cube

Apple iOS: 4.8 / Google Play: 4.3

Master the race against time with Solitaire Cube to accumulate points for cash rewards. Whether you’re in the mood for competition or a leisurely free game, this app accommodates both. Katie Nguyen, one player, earned over $380,000 by playing Solitaire Cube! Once your earnings reach $5 or more, you can redeem them through PayPal or Apple Pay, using the same method you initially used to fund your account.

4. Solitaire Clash

Apple iOS: 4.6 / Google Play: 4.1

Transform solitaire into an income stream with Solitaire Clash. Start playing for free and sharpen your craft before joining multiplayer cash prize tournaments. The app also incorporates mini-games for additional earning potential. For ardent solitaire enthusiasts, this platform might just be your ticket to a little profit.

5. Klondike Solitaire

Apple iOS: 4.8 / Google Play: 4.6

Earn as you play Klondike Solitaire through InboxDollars. Sign up to get a free $5 and enjoy games like Klondike Solitaire and Mahjong Solitaire for cash. Klondike Solitaire is a one-player game that uses a standard 52-card deck, and Mahjong is a popular solitaire game that uses tiles instead of cards. InboxDollars also offers other games, including arcade games, word games, strategy games, and action games.

6. Solitaire Cruise

Apple iOS: 4.7 / Google Play: 4.5

Set sail with Solitaire Cruise on Swagbucks, start with a free account and a $10 bonus. Solitaire Cruise is available on Swagbucks, and you can earn $35 for reaching World 15 and you can also earn 10 SB for installing the game. Solitaire Cruise is a solitaire tripeaks card game that features 200 levels and unique locations. You can travel from the US to Japan, cross oceans, and improve your solitaire skills.

7. Solitaire Tour

Apple iOS: 4.6 / Google Play: 4.1

Calling all iPhone users, Solitaire Tour is your playing field! Deposit and compete to ascend the leaderboard and claim cash awards, conveniently withdrawable via PayPal. Revel in the game’s sophisticated graphics and enjoy its unique spin on classic solitaire.

8. Solitaire Showtime

Apple iOS: 4.9 / Google Play: 4.8

Enjoy enchanting realms and friendly creatures as you match cards in Solitaire Showtime. Solitaire Showtime is available on Swagbucks and they have an offer where you can earn 500 SB for reaching level 120 in Solitaire Showtime. PayPal and gift card redemptions are available for your earnings.

9. Classic Solitaire on Mistplay

Google Play: 4.0

For a simple solitaire experience, Mistplay offers Classic Solitaire on its app. Earn points for each game and tackle daily challenges. Graphics are top-notch and the app even functions offline — a reliable fallback for uninterrupted classic solitaire play.

Monetizing Your Solitaire Skills

Believe it or not, you can earn a bit of extra cash by playing solitaire on your phone.

While not all free games to win real money will fatten your wallet, selecting legit ones certainly will.

It’s not about hitting the jackpot, though; think of it more as a nice bonus for enjoying a game you love.

Here’s how to turn those card flips into profit:

  • Choose Wisely: Ensure the app you download is reputable, like Solitaire Cash, as some apps only to display ads without rewarding players.
  • Ad Views: Some of your earnings come from watching ads interspersed with gameplay.
  • Casual Bets: Participating in games that involve cash wagers can lead to monetary gains.
  • Incentivized Purchases: In-app purchases sometimes offer cashback benefits.
  • Patience Pays: Remember, while playing, it’s more about the enjoyment and the small perks you accumulate over time.

By figuring out how these apps turn a profit, typically through ads and your in-game activity, you can confidently invest your time in them, knowing they legitimately reward your play.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Monetary Rewards for Solitaire: Can you actually make money by playing Solitaire Indeed! Playing Solitaire can earn you a bit of cash, though it’s not a substitute for a job, simply a neat way to get some spending money.
  • Apps That Pay for Play: What are some Solitaire apps that offer cash rewards There’s a decent selection, including Solitaire Cube and Solitaire Cash. Just remember, we’re talking pocket change, not paychecks.
  • Authenticity of Solitaire Apps: Are cash-paying Solitaire apps trustworthy? Generally, yes. Always check out reviews to ensure the app is up to snuff.
Apps for EarningLegit?
Solitaire Cube
Solitaire Cash
Solitaire Smash

Note: Don’t forget—always verify app reviews to spot the right one amidst a sea of similar names.

Earn Real Money Playing Solitaire

Turn your card skills into cash. No gimmicks, just legit Solitaire apps that reward your gameplay:

  • No Cost to Start: Just download and play.
  • Frequent Payouts: Regular opportunities to earn cash.
  • Reliable Apps: Only trustworthy options recommended.

Remember, playing is entertaining—and profitable!

Brian Meiggs
Brian Meiggs
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